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PANASONIC is a strength of synergy which results from the combination of VIKO company and thereby also of the partnership elPEAK with the international PANASONIC Group.

The company elPEAK Sp. z o. o. was established in 2010. An inspiration for it was a wide range of knowledge and longstanding experience in the branch, excellent market understanding, a number of foreign contacts, but most important a desire to accommodate the customer wants and to put on the market a wide range of high-tech electrical products. A Japanese corporation PANASONIC, which has its headquarter in Osaka, is a 100-year tradition, excellent quality of the products and constant pursuance of perfection.

PANASONIC is a brand, which is known not only for electrical equipment, but also for variety of other products useful during everyday work of an electrician such as fuse boxes, extension cords and modular devices. PANASONIC is a passion, commitment and innovative solutions. Nowadays, there are few people who are aware of the fact that the first invention with the label PANASONIC on it was a head of a bulb socket.

PANASONIC Group, our partner, with the department ECO SOLUTION, is not only known for intelligent electrical solutions for the buildings. Products, which contain PANASONIC label on it, are photovoltaic systems and access control, fan, light-source air conditioners and integuments. A Polish accent in PANASONIC Group is a manufacturing plant located currently in Katowice.What differs us from our opponents are our own standards of quality, which are more strict form the European’s. While implementing innovations and new technologies, we are always concerned about our customer needs. Customer total satisfaction is the most important value from which we direct in our business.Are you looking for a solution or product which you cannot find among other suppliers? You will find out that there is not a thing impossible for us!

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